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Boba Tea Bags are here

The boba bags are finally here!  We are so excited to launch the Boba Made boba bags with a special animation video.   You can see the video here.  If you like it, please share the link with your boba tea friends. Instagram Facebook...

Boba Tea or Bubble Tea

Boba tea and bubble tea are used interchangeably.  But did you know that the bubble in bubble tea actually refers to the airy bubbles at the top instead of the tapioca balls?  The airy bubbles form when the milk tea or tea is shaken in a cocktail shaker...

Great Minds Think Alike

Just like dogs always thinking about bones, I guess I am the same, about boba tea that is.  I sketch boba tea illustrations everyday so it's constantly on my mind.  The only time that I am not thinking about boba tea is when I am sleeping?  hahah Instagram...

Sit and Sip Boba Tea and Forget the World

Wouldn't that be nice?  Sip boba tea and chill.  Even better, in a lovely boba tea shaped house!  Gosh I wish I could create a house like this. Instagram Facebook Twitter

National Cheesecake Day with Boba

Cheesecake and boba?  Why not!  I think a drizzle of chewy tapioca balls add a lovely new texture to the creamy cheesecake.  But then again, this might just be me? Instagram Facebook Twitter

Friday Night Vibes

It's FriYAY!  If only this could be every night.  Unkempt hair, pjs, boba tea, snacks and Netflix binge.  Good times, good times =) Instagram Facebook Twitter

What’s Cheese Tea?

To solve the mystery Cheese Tea, I went online and searched up numerous Cheese Tea recipes.  In summary, they almost always have whipping cream, cream cheese, milk, sugar and salt.  Condensed milk and cheese powder are common as well.  I am so glad that I...

Boba Tea Drinker Dilemma

To cheese or not to cheese, that is the question!  Something about the combination of cream cheese and tea, especially with a touch of salt, creates a really flavorful drink.  It took me a few cheese tea at different shops to finally appreciate this...

When life gives you a lemon…

With summer in full swing, nothing quenches your thirst quite like a good iced lemon tea.  You can also combine grapefruit, lime and other citrus fruits with lemon for a more dynamic flavor.  So when life gives you a lemon, I ask for a few more so I can...

Please don’t leave

What, it's Sunday already.  The weekend is going by too quickly.  Seriously Sunday, can we please renegotiate? Instagram Facebook Twitter

Boba Tea Friday

Yay, it's Friday!  I love how Friday always makes me feel extra energetic.  I start planning my weekend boba tea runs and get all excited about what I am going to get at each shop.  This weekend, I also am organizing the San Francisco Boba Tea Meetup at...

No Boba Tea, No Workee

I think my motivation is positively correlated with my boba tea consumption.  I think it cheers me up on many levels.  Sugar, caffeine and pure bliss?  Does it have the same effect on you, too? Instagram Facebook Twitter

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