SF Boba Fest Recap

SF Boba Fest Recap

SF Boba Fest was an incredible event!  It was the first time that I have ever created a table for Boba Made.  I had so much fun with all the DIY setups.  Although it was all very last minute (I signed up less than a week before the event), it was worth every moment of stress because I was going to meet all the boba people in person!

I want to thank all of you who came to the festival and waited in the long line to purchase your ticket.   And for those who stopped to chat, thank you from the bottom of my heart.💓  I couldn’t have done it without your support and wonderful feedback.  Honestly, I was on cloud nine the whole time because I was fully surrounded by boba people!   So many thanks to give, and so many new ideas to pursue after this wonderful experience.  

💬If you are interested in attending or participating in a boba tea event, please comment below.

New to Boba Made? Watch our video here.  to learn about our boba bags

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