My World Cup

My World Cup

World Cup is one of my favorite sports to watch.  No, I don’t play soccer.  As a matter of fact, I can’t even kick a ball without first missing a few kicks.  But that doesn’t matter, I love watching soccer and I love drawing.  Put the two together, I make soccer drawings!  You can print these “cup players” out and glue them on whatever you want, or print them on sticker/label paper to make them into instant stickers.  For those who are a bit more crafty, you will figure out what to do.   I made a little back stand out of card stock paper and took some fun photos on astroturf that I got from Daiso, they really have everything!  I also happen to have a few bags of tapioca balls in the house (no surprise there) to use as soccer balls.  Hope you enjoyed these photos and share them with other boba / soccer fans.

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Good luck to all World Cup players!

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